ADHD Oxfordshire - Information    Support      Coaching
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Promoting better understanding and support for people affected by ADHD
(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
Living with ADHD is hard work.
Recognising needs and providing appropriate help at the right time can make a difference to everyone involved.
What can we offer?     
1. Telephone and email information and support
     For a confidential discussion or to request a factsheet  
               01865 731378     
2.  Monthly support group
     We meet regularly in Eynsham, 7 - 9 pm.
              See Support Group page
3.  ADHD Coaching
    Face-to-face or by phone.
     Please contact Mary for further information.
     01865 731378
4.  Presentations and training
     We are always happy to talk to interested groups or individuals.
      Please contact us for further information and costs.
What will it cost?
No set charge.
Voluntary contributions appreciated to cover costs
We can offer coaching to a limited number of people at a time. Donations of £25 - £30 per hour are requested.
Reduced rate and free sessions sometimes possible.
Free introductory discussion.
What if I just want information?
A number of free factsheets are available or we can discuss your particular query in confidence.
Please email or telephone. No charge.
                       01865 731378
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