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BBC2 item about Adult ADHD starts around 15 mins into this programme:

Research Study
How is your quality of life?
There is a research study to learn about health-related quality of life in adults with ADHD.
To take part by completing a questionnaire on-line, and then one by telephone, for which £30 will be paid, go to the website:

A conference for Adults with ADHD is being planned for late January 2016 in London. The Adult ADHD Advisory Group, part of the Adult ADHD clinic at the Maudsley Hospital, is looking for people interested in speaking about their experiences of ADHD - living with it, getting a diagnosis, or getting treatment. If you are interested you can contact them at

    Results of survey by Canadian doctor Kenny Handelman.'What do you think is the single most POSITIVE trait of ADULT ADHD? 

  • 45% Creative/out of the box thinking/see the world differently
  • 11.9% High energy/active
  • 8.8% Successful (when like topic)/perseverance/hyperfocus/strong work ethic
  • 4.5% Intelligence
  • 4.5% Empathy/sensitive/intuitive/compassionate
  • 3.6% Sense of humor
  • 3.6% Happy/positive/outgoing/personality
  • 3.1% Resilience/flexibility
  • 3.1% Curiosity
  • 2.5% Passionate/enthusiastic
  • Other answers which were lower than 2%, but still significant:
    • unique/interesting/never boring
    • multi-tasking ability
    • detail oriented/great observation abilities
    • adaptible
    • optimistic
    • open minded
    • kind
    • non-judgmental
    • finally – great at handling emergencies

Pilot study of treating ADHD using Sativex cannabinoid spray

May still need volunteers so if you:
1. Have a diagnosis of ADHD
2. Do not use cannabis on a regular basis or are willing to stop for 1 month prior to entering the study
3. Would not be on stimulant medicines or willing to stop for duration of the trial
4. Can visit the centre at King's College in London on 2 occasions at the start of the trial and 6-weeks later
Please email Professor Asherson

Available training about ADHD
Training can be planned to suit your particular needs. Please contact Mary on 01865 731378 or email
Latest addition to our website
Use link to go to our blog page: an update twice a month on what went on at each Support Group meeting, and any other information of interest that has come our way. 
Study of ADHD children and sleep interventions
A recent article in the British Medical Journal describes a study in which parents were given training about management of their child's sleep.
 The study concludes that brief behavioural sleep intervention modestly improves the severity of ADHD symptoms in a community sample of children with ADHD, most of whom were taking stimulant medications.
 The intervention also improved the children's sleep, behaviour, quality of life, and functioning, with most benefits sustained to six months post−intervention. The intervention may be suitable for use in primary and secondary care.
ADHD Oxfordshire radio interviews 2014
 Hear the experiences of an adult with ADHD
Responding to claims about parents and behaviour
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