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April 2014 
ADHD Oxfordshire radio interviews 2014:
 Hear the experiences of an adult with ADHD
Responding to recent claims about parents and behaviour
Next Support Group meeting:
TUESDAY April 29th
Presentation on the forthcoming changes in the law about provision for children with special educational needs in schools 
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further meetings
At recent meetings we met:
Registered Hypnotherapist Linda Flanigan 
and Child Psychologist Mandy Smiton.
Linda explained to us about EFT (emotional freedom technique) and how this can help us to cope with some of the challenges of having ADHD or living with someone with ADHD.
Mandy told us about psychological approaches to the management of ADHD, helping the child or teenager and the family to understand and cope better with the challenges.
Mandy's website is
about ADHD and our Support Group have been sent out to all GP surgeries, Mental Health Teams, and Early Intervention Hubs, and many schools in Oxfordshire.
Please let us know if you would like any sent to you.
This initiative was funded by a Red Nose grant
through Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Newsletters from ADDISS contain excellent articles from experts 
They are available from  020 8952 2800
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