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ADHD Coaching with Mary Austin at ADHD Oxfordshire is an opportunity for an adult with ADHD to work one-to-one, or in a group, with a coach who is very familiar with the challenges and benefits of having ADHD.
Single sessions, perhaps with a follow-up phone call, can be enough to clarify something you are concerned about and look at possible ways forward. This would be a focused discussion rather than direct coaching and is available to family members and friends as well as adults with ADHD.

A course of an agreed number of sessions gives ongoing support and a more in-depth understanding of ADHD friendly strategies. This coaching is a partnership between you and the coach, and will usually include:
- Clarifying your goals, your strengths and your difficulties.
- Identifying the steps towards those goals.
- Learning strategies to overcome difficulties.
- identifying stumbling blocks and solutions.
ADHD Oxfordshire's Coach for adults with ADHD is Mary Austin whose training includes:
  • 'Understanding and Supporting Pupils and Students with ADHD'. Certificate of Professional Studies in Education, Leicester 2004
  • ADHD Coach training by Dianne Zaccheo 2009 (supported by grants from Eli Lilly and Company Ltd and the Bartlett Taylor Charitable Trust, Witney).
  • Psychoeducation, CBT and Coaching Interventions for Adolescents and Adults with ADHD. Training course at the Institute of Psychiatry, London 2014
  • Advanced Coaching course. Oxford University Department of Continuing Education 2015
  • Attendance at ADDISS and UKAAN conferences for updating and professional development.
  • Coaching supervision provided by Christine Jarvis  SRN,  ADHD Specialist Coach, ADHD Solutions CIC, Leicester
Mary was a teacher over a period of 25 years in Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools and for 5 years was a volunteer with Oxfordshire Youth Offending Service.

Coaching costs £30 per session. Concessions available.

To book an initial free appointment or to ask a question:
phone 01865 731378  

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