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The Oxford Mental Health Network has a list of many local organisations covering many different conditions, with sources of information and support. See

The following private practitioners on this page are known to us and have an interest in ADHD but please note they are specialists in their own field, not necessarily in ADHD and are completely independent of the organisation ADHD Oxfordshire.
 Counselling / Psychotherapy
Stephanie Riddle   07525 648844 
For information about Steph, her qualifications, experience and way of working, and the issues she can help with, please see her website
Linda Flanigan  Clinical Hypnotherapist
At one of our meetings Linda explained to us about EFT (emotional freedom technique) and how this can help us to cope with some of the challenges of having ADHD or living with someone with ADHD.
Contact Linda at 07866 360 359 or email
 Child Psychology
Mandy Smiton  Child Psychologist
Mandy uses psychological approaches to the management of ADHD, helping the child or teenager and the family to understand and cope better with the challenges. She has an excellent understanding of ADHD.
Mandy's website is
 Educational Psychology
Hilary Dyer Independent Educational Psychologist
For assessments and advice with Special Educational Needs
Contact Hilary through
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