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The ADHD Child at Home
Life with an ADHD child can be very hard work.
Very often, children with ADHD are impatient, get upset easily, throw tantrums, interrupt, are not able to take no for an answer
and annoy other family members.
They are usually poor at timekeeping and organisation, slow to get ready or to get started on tasks and easily distracted.
They may show hyperactivity, for example chewing or fiddling with any item within reach, fidgeting, or always on the go physically or verbally.
Coping strategies
ADHD is a developmental delay so children with ADHD often appear to act younger than their age, particularly in their behaviour and self control.
Although easier said than done, recommended ways to help are usually based on these few basic strategies.
1. Have simple and straightforward rules in the home.
    Develop routines for regular times. 
2. Remember to notice them being good. Praise often.
3. Always describe to the child the appropriate behaviour you want
      rather than saying don't do .  .  . (the inappropriate behaviour).
4. Give rewards. ADHD children need lots to motivate them.
5. Don’t argue – it’s not worth it, it just causes you more stress.
6. Make sure friends and family understand ADHD and how you are
      dealing with it.
7. Look for your child’s strengths. Try to find activities they can
       enjoy and succeed with.
8. Help them to be organised for school. Be their memory aid and
      coach, helping them to learn skills, not nagging and complaining.
9. Treat every day as a new day.
10.Forgive both your child and yourself for the times you don’t cope.

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