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Adult ADHD

Many adults with ADHD find it hard to cope with the stresses of life and often feel inadequate and frustrated, with low self-esteem, conscious of their failed relationships and unfinished tasks.

Many have a short fuse, experience depression, feel restless, and are poor timekeepers, forgetful and disorganised.

Other common characteristics are frequent changes of job and living on an emotional rollercoaster, over-reacting (from an observer’s viewpoint). Other people consider them rude, difficult, eccentric, unreliable, irritable.

Many adults with ADHD were not diagnosed when young because ADHD was not understood then. This means that THEY were not understood.  Some may have been very inattentive and disorganised but not particularly hyperactive and mainly not getting into trouble. Others didn’t stop and think before reacting, they broke rules, they talked too much.

Many were called lazy or stupid, naughty or unmotivated and were blamed for their shortcomings.

Now as adults they are still struggling daily, not only with the effects of still having ADHD, a hidden disability, but also with the negative impact of having grown up with (usually undiagnosed) ADHD.

Our Support Group is attended by both diagnosed and undiagnosed adults.

Training and coaching for people working with ADHD adults can be provided.

Please contact .

We also offer coaching for adults with ADHD. Please contact .

ADHD diagnosis and treatment for Adults

In spite of recognition by N.I.C.E. and recommendations that more training should be given for the diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD, there continues to be very little input from the NHS in Oxfordshire but there are an increasing number of psychiatrists who have taken an interest and may be able to diagnose. To help you prepare for asking for an assessment here is our factsheet

To get an assessment on the NHS use our checklist to prepare and then ask your GP to refer you to the Adult Mental Health team for an assessment ensuring that they makes it clear you need to see someone with knowledge of ADHD.

For private assessment

Dr Sally Cubbin

07887 640 102

P hil Anderton and team ADHD360

01507 534 181

Other consultants

There are a number of other consultants listed on the Adult ADD website

We rely on donations to continue our support for people affected by ADHD.

To donate please use

Thank you very much!

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